Waboba Surf-The Ball that Bounces on Water

December 27, 2013

The Waboba Surf is the ultimate beach and pool toy. Why? Because this is the ball bounces on water using space-age technology from Waboba. How does it work? Well for all the science fans out there just know that it’s deviously designed and made with polyurethane and a Lycra coating, which makes the ball bounce and float on water. For the rest of us, that translates to having fun on the water with a ball that treats water like any other surface. This is the skipping stone of the future. This brilliant invention is why we play in the water. Grab a Waboba Surf, some friends and head to the water for a time that none of you will forget.Ages: 7 and up. COLORS MAY VARY.

Product Features

  • The ball that bounces on water!
  • Waboba ball floats as well as bounces on water
  • Great for kids to learn with
  • Light and easy to use
  • Perfect for pool or beach play
  • Colors May Vary

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