Let’s Go Shop For Vintage Wedding Rings

July 4, 2011
vintage wedding ring

You can find vintage wedding rings that are a "replicated" style at Amazon.com for under $100, but if you want a genuine vintage wedding ring you should be prepared to pay at least $1000.

Ok, so you are one of those people who want to buy vintage wedding rings, but don’t know much about them.

For example, you might not know exactly what makes a wedding ring “vintage”, neither do you know the places where you can buy them for cheap, and you might not even know the average prices on this type of jewelry.

For all these cases this article might be helpful, as we have done quite an amount of research, and the information we list below is going to answer all of those above questions.

So, let’s start – for example, where can you buy those wedding rings? Well, there are definitely a lot of places online where these rings could potentially be.

Places like ebay and Faycullen always have them, and you can find vintage replica rings on Amazon.com . On ebay you have to be a bit cautious, though, as not all items there are legit, but with Faycullen you don’t need to be so.

Also, Pawn Shops, and consignment shops where people put up their items for sell and then share the revenue with the shop owner – are also great, and if you visit them at the right times great deals on vintage wedding rings can be found.

Next, you probably need to know about the differences between the terms like antique, vintage, vintage style and antique style.

Well, antique usually implies a style that is 100 years old and older, but vintage starts only at 25 years old. That means that antique wedding rings are significantly more expensive, and you will find it true if you check the prices on these rings online.

Also, the difference between a “vintage” item and “vintage style” item, as well as between an “antique” and an “antique style” wedding ring is that the latter terms mean the replicas of the real items, so that’s also the reason why they are cheaper.

Just like wedding cruise packages, authentic vintage wedding rings are in fact a luxury for many couples – these rings cost at least 1000 dollars, so be prepared.

You can of course always find fake diamond rings that look real.  These rings are a popular choice among couples that don’t have a lot of money to spend on their wedding bands, but want to look as though they have made a big investment in their jewelry.  Usually they are made from Cubic Zirconia, and their cost is often well under $100.

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