The Pros and Cons of Buying Winter Door Mats Off Season

November 27, 2011

As a person looking to buy winter door mats, you can opt to buy the mats during the winter (or in the period just before the winter sets in).

Alternatively, you can opt to buy the mats in summer, spring or some other season, long before the winter comes. If you opt to take the latter approach – of buying the mats long before the winter — you are said to have opted to buy the winter door mats ‘off season.’ And like any other thing in life, this decision to buy the door mats off season has advantages and disadvantages, which we’ll now venture to look at.

The pros of buying winter door mats off season:

Better pricing: as is the case with most other seasonal products, we have a situation where the prices of winter door mats tend to go up during the winter, and fall substantially in the other seasons.

This makes economic sense. After all, during the winter, we have more people shopping for the door mats. That raises demand, which in turn makes the prices go up. Off season (in the other seasons besides winter), there are fewer people shopping for the mats. The winter door mat vendors are inclined to lower their prices, in line with the lower demand for the mats.

Furthermore, most of the winter door mats that are up for sale during these other seasons are viewed as ‘remnants’ from the previous winter. The vendors tend to have almost written them off, and are as such willing to dispose them at break-even prices, just to get rid of them.

This is also a scenario where many vendors feel the inclination to sell such remnants of the previous seasons’ winter door mats at clearance prices, the objective being to clear them and make room for more current door mats to be sold in the subsequent winter.

More time to shop around: people who shop for winter door mats when the winter is close at hand tend to be ‘last minute shoppers.’ They are forced to do their shopping in a frenzied manner, lest the winter finds them without the appropriate door mats – if in fact it hasn’t, by that point.

Needless to say, such people have very little time to shop around, in order to get the best deals. On the other hand, off season shoppers tend to have all the time they need to shop around, and get the best possible winter door mats at the best possible prices whilst the winter is still far away.

The cons of buying winter door mats off season:

Less freedom of choice: we need to take note of the fact that most stores only tend to rev up their winter door mat stocks just before the winter. Most of the winter door mats available during the other seasons are, as mentioned earlier, remnants from the earlier winter.

In other words, thanks to the fact that most outlets don’t stock lots of winter door mats in the other seasons, the people shopping for such mats off season have fewer varieties of the mats to select from.

Longer searches: there are some stores – actually quite a good number of them – which tend to have absolutely no winter door mats on sale off season. This means that the people who opt to go shopping for winter door mats off season have to search long and hard, before they eventually find stores which actually have such mats on sale off season.

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