Nora Designer Litter Box Chest in White

December 18, 2017

A beautiful piece of furniture can now solve one of the biggest problems for cat owners – the litter box. The classic New England style of the Nora Litter Box Chest conceals its true purpose: Hiding the litter box.

The Nora Litter Box Chest features an interior panel that prevents litter from being kicked out and tracked onto the floor and also keeps odors at bay. The interior panel can be assembled on the left or the right side, so that it is hidden from view in your home.

The top opening allows for easy cleaning and keeps any litter that has escaped the pan in the box.

Keep your home sanitary and clean and also keep curious children or dogs out of the litter pan.

Have a bigger cat? Simply assembled the Nora Litter Box without the interior panel and use a larger litter pan. The litter pan can still be pushed against the back wall to help prevent litter from being kicked out!

The Nora Litter Box Chest is based on our bestselling Designer Catbox. It features an improved safety hinge design that is strong enough to support the lid of the chest for easy cleaning.

The Nora Litter Box features a glossy, non-toxic, lead-free painted finish. It comes unassembled and is easily put together using a Phillip’s head or electric screwdriver.

What litter pan will fit?

  • Standard Large Litter Pan – 18-1/2”L by 15-1/4”W by 5-1/4”H
  • High-backed Litter Pan -18.6”L by 14.7”W by 9.8”H
  • Without interior panel larger litter pans will fit: Interior dimensions are: 26.4”L by 18-1/2”W 14.2”H

Cat Entrance Holes are 7-1/2”W by 8”H to fit large cats.

Product Features

  • Classic New England Style
  • Interior panel – keeps litter contained. Can be removed for larger cats
  • Top opening featuring improved safety hinge – keeps litter in!
  • Accommodates standard large litter pan, or high sided pan. See below for more litter pan information.
  • Interior panel can be assembled on either side in order to keep hidden from view.

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