Merry Pet Products Cat Washroom Litter Box Cover – Walnut

June 19, 2017

Merry Products White Jumbo Cat Washroom Bench Cat Litter Box Cover. Our Merry Products White Jumbo Cat Washroom Bench Cat Litter Box Cover will make an elegant and stylish addition to any bathroom.
The Cat Washroom serves as an attractive cover to hide away any litter box and confine all litter messes inside, while providing useful space for any organizing options. The universal design fits most litter boxes including automatic litter boxes. The removable partition wall creates space to store litter, scoop and other supplies. In addition we’ve created two slots that are available for two different wall placements that allow you to customize the Cat Washroom to your specific needs. The entrance to the Cat Washroom can be placed on either side of the unit to suit the room it is used in.

Product Features

  • Dimensions: 37.5″ W x 21.25″ L;x 22.5″ H
  • Universal design fits most litter boxes including automatic litter boxes
  • Additional space to store litter, litter scoop & accessories
  • Confines litter messes inside
  • An attractive, stylish way to hide any litter box

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One Response to Merry Pet Products Cat Washroom Litter Box Cover – Walnut

  1. Tilly on June 19, 2017 at 5:15 pm

    Great quality and price! Fully functional. No complains… all good! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Excellent product for the price. I have read many reviews and done so much research, and I picked this bench because I want to put a supersized litterbox in it. It fits the “Petmate Giant Litter Pan” BUT, the litter box covers 1/2 the cat entrance on the side. So, I went with the “Whisker City High-Back Open Cat Pan Item: 36-5216338″ that I got at Petsmart. I couldn’t find it on Amazon. It’s a perfect size! For those with cats that like to pee up high, I recommend this Whisker City litterbox because of its high back.Many of the reviewers expected high quality and perfect product for a $200 piece of furniture. I feel that if you are more realistic and consider the quality of the furniture you’ll get for less than $200, this product will most likely meet your expectation. You’re not going to get Ethan Allen quality furniture for $200.I am very pleased with this product. I found 1 damage and 1 imperfection in the wood, but I am okay accepting it. Mainly because the damage is in the insider corner of the door near the hinge, and I don’t really see it every time I open the door. The imperfection is in the edge if the top of the bench. Even if I were to exchange this bench for another one because of the damage and imperfection, there is a chance that I could get another bench with more issues. For the hassle of returning because it’s such a heavy bench and the risk of getting something worst, I’ll stick with what I got, and I am happy with it anyway. (see pictures)I wanted a piece that I can assemble, mainly because, I can carry it up 2 flights of stairs 1 or 2 pieces at a time, since I am not strong enough to pick up the box. This furniture has a nice weight, and even on the box, there is a sticker recommending 2 people carrying it. I didn’t have any issues assembling it by myself. The only little complication I ran into is when I was screwing the right door onto the bench.I’m right handed, and it is difficult to hold the door up and screw the little tiny screw into the bench. The screw is very tiny, and if you have big hands, see if you can get someone with smaller hands to at least get the screw into the wood so that it will stay in the wood. Trying to screw the screw all the way into the wood was a challenge for me since the wood on the side of the bench moves a little so I have to pull the wood toward me as I screw the screw in, and I have to push real hard with the screwdriver into the screw and pray that I won’t strip the screw. To accomplish that, I used the top of my feet to balance and hold the door up, while I used my right hand to hold the wood that the screw is going into from underneath or above the door being balanced on the top of my feet, and used my left hand to push the screw into the wood with the screwdriver as I turn it. It takes some coordination, and fortunately, I am pretty coordinated :-).I followed the instructions, and the instructions are excellent.Some reviews complained about cat urine ruining the wood… ummm… cat urine can ruin A LOT of things. Don’t blame the product for it! If your cat likes to pee HIGH up… get a tall or hooded litter box. I don’t recommend a hooded litter box, mainly because you’ll need to take the whole box out to clean because the hood will need to be removed. I like the Whisker City litter box because it has its 10” high back, and unless you have a supersize cat with long legs, and likely the cat won’t even fit into the entrance/exit hole anyway, it should work. I guess your cat could pee on the side of the litter box which is lower. To prevent that, this is what I did, not that my cats does it, but just in case…. I used the 3M Command Hooks and small bidder clips to clip the puppy training pads up. To catch any drip, put another piece of training pad to catch the drip. The one hanging on the interior wall will need to sit over the pad on the base. (see pictures) Hope this helps.I just ordered the “PetFusion SmartGrip Cat Litter Mat. Large” on Amazon. It’s 35″ by 25″. The interior base of the bench is 35″ by 19″. I’ll have an excess 5″. I plan on adding more 3M Commander clip to clip the excess up along the interior back wall. The reviews said that it’s flexible so that can be easily implemented as I plan. This mat should protect the interior base of the bench.How big is your cat? You might want to consider that before getting this bench. The opening is 7″ across and 8″ the highest part. I have a 12 lb big boned Himalayan (Himalayans are usually 6-7 lbs), and she made it in fine. Of course, my 2 (2 and 3) month kittens can climb in and out without any issues. From the floor to the bottom of the opening is about 7.5″. For real small kittens, you might want to put a block inside and outside the opening to serve as steps for the little one.Even though the doors have holes for light to enter, the interior is still…