Lawn and Leaf Sweepers Help Clean Your Yard

September 26, 2011
push powered lawn sweeper

Many people have discovered the benefits of using lawn sweepers versus raking their yard by hand.

A lawn sweeper can help you clean up your yard quickly and break free from the monotonous routine of spending many hours manually raking every last leaf from your yard.

If you have your very own backyard or garden area one of these sweepers can make a dull and boring job much more fun.

A backyard garden or patio area is an ideal place in which you can relax in a natural and serene setting. Imagine inviting friends over and having a gala get-together.  All of this is only possible if you have a well maintained garden or patio area that is appealing to everyone.

Benefits of Lawn Sweepers

Lawn Sweeper – A lawn or leaf sweeper is a useful piece of equipment that can help you get rid of common debris such as dry leaves, twigs, grass and other common trash that dent the image of your yard or garden.

A rotating brush mechanism is built into a lawn sweeper and helps sweep up yard and/or garden debris and collect it inside an attached hopper for disposing.

Common Types of Lawn Sweepers

  • Tow lawn sweeper – It is a lawn sweeper that is attached to a vehicle typically an ATV or a tractor and is used for operating around a large garden area.
  • Push lawn sweeper – Ideal for smaller gardens, a push lawn sweeper is a manual device that uses a forward pushing action to collect debris inside a hopper.
  • Powered lawn sweeper – Quite identical to a push lawn sweeper, it is the electric or gasoline powered brush mechanism that distinguishes a powered lawn sweeper from a push lawn sweeper.

Are Leaf Vacuums Any Good?

Similarly, a high powered leaf vacuum can be of great assistance while maintaining a backyard on a regular basis.  There are some newer brands that are not only portable, but much stronger than those you could buy in the past.  There are smaller homeowner models that are electric, and some that are a bit bigger that have a gasoline powered engine.

These portable leaf vacuums usually have a switch on them to change them from a vacuum into a blower too.

You can expedite your buying decision by taking the help of the internet and reading lawn sweeper reviews and leaf vacuum reviews to see what others have to see about a particular brand of product.

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