Duck Dynasty: Family Faith and Family Fun

June 24, 2013

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Duck Dynasty is a hit and already established as the quirkiest and most enjoyable reality television series centered on the lives of the Robertson family from West Monroe, Louisiana.

Patriarch Phil Robertson created the duck call and started the company, which has made the family very wealthy. (Hence the “Dynasty” part of the show.)

But even though they may have large homes, the Robertson brothers love hunting and fishing and proudly proclaim themselves “rednecks.”

Phil was a star quarterback at Louisiana Tech but turned down the offer to play in NFL because he didn’t want to miss the duck season where he began his business and spent 25 years making duck calls from Louisiana cedar trees.

The now multi-million dollar enterprise is managed by Phil’s third son Willie who is CEO of the company, while his brother Jase is the COO.

Despite their wealth, they still wear camouflage prints, they hunt – shooting anything that flies or walks, they’re religious, and they’re full of subtle humor.

The Robertsons are a traditional family who believe in guns and God.

In the following pages you’ll get to know the family members in the Robertson family and learn why the show Duck Dynasty is watched by millions.

As Willie Robertson said when asked by he believes the show is so popular – “We try to stick to our roots.

We grew up not rich at all.

We try to stay humble. We’ve been successful and God has blessed us. We always have a family prayer at the end of the show.”

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