Duck Dynasty: 101 Fun Facts about Duck Dynasty

June 15, 2013

Duck Dynasty is one of the most popular shows on television today.

The show, which airs on A&E, follows the family and its business, Duck Commander and is a multi-million dollar business specializing in the manufacture of a variety of popular hunting related products such as duck decoys, duck calls, cooking DVDs and apparel.

The Robertsons also have fan merchandise such as bobble-head dolls, duck-themed license plates and Chia Pet planters in the shape of their faces with greenery that grows like their beards.

The Robertsons are easily distracted from their work and amuse the audience with their humorous adventures.

The show premiered in 2012 and is in its third season, drawing about 8 million viewers a week.

The Robertsons would not talk about the status of a fourth season or reports they were holding out for more money.

But if their popularity is any indication, they’ll be back.

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