Children’s Beach Toy Double Sand Wheel Summer Colorful Play Set with Watering Can, Shovels, Rakes, Bucket , 9 Sea Creature and Castle Molds 18pcs

August 4, 2017


  • Because sand is an excellent tool for enhancing kids’ sensory experiences, adding this beach sand toy set will augment the fun and the learning experience.
  • The opportunity to create and build with all the molds and tools is what gets the imagination moving.
  • Kids are given the freedom to create and foster knowledge through reflection because they will be thinking about structure, size and aesthetics without realizing.
  • For young children, playing with this beach sand toy set can help exercise their hands-on capacity.
  • Since the pieces are easily identifiable and of corresponding color to their prototype, children can also learn the names and qualities of sea creatures, for instance.


  • When kids are creating be it castles, sea horses, etc. they are willing and even eager to discuss their creations.
  • Indeed, sand and this beach set is a great place for socialization, for kids will be learning to share, communicate, and be exposed to someone else’s version of creativity.
  • Moreover, parents and guardians are welcome to join in the fun; they can come up with different activities or join their little architects.

Perfect Gift:

  • Be it a sunny day at the beach, a sandbox at the park or a sandbox in your backyard, this beach set is ideal for any of these occasions.
  • For this reason, this gift is not limited to any occasion, holiday or birthday present!
  • It will particularly thrill kids who love the ocean, the castles and sea animals.
  • However, it could be that your kid has yet to discover that love for the sand until the opportunity is given.

Product Features

  • Includes: A bucket, water wheel, water can, 2 rakes (1 big and 1 small), 3 shovels (2 small and 1 big), drain shovel, and 9 molds (seahorse, starfish, fish, duck, turtle, whale, shell, crab, castle).
  • Perfect Gift: If your kids love the beach and the sand, then this beach set is the perfect gift! You can, of course, dig, shape, smooth and even carry water with nothing but your own two hands. But having the right equipment this beach set will make your sand-castling experience infinitely more pleasurable.
  • Packaging: The beach set comes in a blue drawstring bag to conveniently store all the pieces and carry it as a backpack anywhere you go. Also, the water wheel can be easily attached and detached from the bucket, making it more convenient for storage and castle-making.
  • Durable: The pieces of this beach set are made of high quality and environmental friendly material, which makes them sturdy, durable and thus safer not only for your kids, but for the environment as well. Meaning, the pieces of this set will not easily brake and they will retain their color even after hours of sun exposure.
  • Precautions: Because the beach sand toy set does not include small pieces, there is no choking hazard, so anyone can join in the fun. There are also no sharp edges or parts in any of the pieces.

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