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September 7, 2010

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Charms and Charm Bracelets Have an Incredible History

By Jack Folsgood

Many of our primitive ancestors and forefathers might have used charm bracelets and jewelry. They may well have chosen an uncommon shaped natural item like a rock or perhaps part of timber. Elaborate jewelry and also charms advanced during the age of the Pharaohs in Egypt. Necklaces and charm bracelets have been found from this period in history.

Most everyone knows that the Egyptians prepared their own dead for the afterlife. One aspect of this procedure included adorning the recently deceased with jewelry. This indicated the dead person’s status in life and supplied supposed security in the afterlife. The Egyptians likewise thought that charms served as identification of the individual wearing them so that the gods would recognize and help them get to their appropriate status level in the astral realms.

During the era of the Roman Empire charms in the shape of fish were used by Christians to distinguish themselves to various other Christian believers. Jewish scholars might slip on pieces of jewelry strung round the neck. These most likely had little pieces of parchment with words and phrases of scripture.

In the Middle Ages, charms and amulets were used for protection form evil forces by knights and also nobleman. Charms were used to decorate belts in order to symbolize their family heritage, position in life and vocations.

Charms next underwent a big change from functional tools of protection to stylish beautifications. With the conclusion of the second world war charms jewelry grew to become a fashion rage. Soldiers came home and gave them to their loved ones and close relatives as mementos coming from every part on the planet. The jewelry industry propagated the trend by making things like graduation charms and italian charm bracelets.

By the 1950’s, they had grown to be a desired fashion item. Milestones in or special occasions like births, wedding ceremonies, and birthdays could all be recognized by adding a charm for the bracelet on someones wrist. Many of these older ones have become regarded as collectors items. Some of them sell for enormous prices to major collectors.

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