Beachcombers BANGLE STAND Indian Bracelet Display Bar Necklace Bracelets Jewelry Holder

October 8, 2012

Beachcombers! has all your glass bangle display and storage covered. Don’t hide away your beautiful collection of glass bangles when you’re not wearing them. Turn them into a work of art with a gorgeous ethnic handmade bracelet display. Each unique stand is sculpted by Indian artisans using only hand tools. The non-uniform shape and finish of each carved piece add a rustic tribal charm. The beautiful work and design of these bracelet stands have been passed down for generations. Beachcombers! Bangle Stands hold your glass bangles in a safe and eye catching style. Make your bangles easy to reach and match to every outfit. Arms can be removed to accommodate necklaces and longer jewelry Great for other jewelry, bracelets, watches, hair scrunchies, or other creative uses. Each bangle stand is handmade and hand finished. Variations in fit and finish are expected and normal.

Product Features

  • Round hand-carved stand with a traditional floral design.
  • Dark brown stain with gold ends. Color will vary for each handmade stand.
  • Height: 10.5″ Width: 11.5″ Depth: 8.5″
  • Solid design with stable footing insure the safety & beauty of your bracelets.
  • Each bangle stand is handmade. Variations in fit, finish, and coloring are expected and normal. Every stand has unique qualities and no stand is perfect.

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