Arf Pets Designer Enclosed Cat Litter Furniture Box House with Table

September 12, 2017

Functional furniture for both you and your pet!

If you love your pet but hate how their bed or litter box clashes with the rest of your carefully curated home, this elegantly designed cat litter house by ARF Pets is your ideal all-in-one. Your pet will love snuggling in his bed within this cozy house, and your cat can enjoy the luxury of a private bathroom for her litter box. Stop worrying about tucking the litter box away in a corner, and hide it in plain sight! With a functioning table surface and additional storage space, this pet house becomes a regular working piece of furniture in your home. It’s the ideal solution for both you and your pet to enjoy together.

What You Get

  • ARF Pets Cat Litter House Table
  • Panels and hardware for assembly
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • A great place for your dog or cat to cozy up
  • A hidden location for your cat’s litter box

Specs & Details

  • Quantity: 1
  • Material: Wood
  • Dimensions:
    Inside: W: 17.4 x D: 19 x H: 17.1 Inches
    Outside: 19.9 x 20.9 x 25.2 Inches
  • Functional furniture hides pet’s bed or litter box in plain sight!

How to Enjoy

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